The amazing feedback and encouragement of our satisfied clients is one of the drivers of our expansion. Our clients include athletes,  people of all age ranges dealing with injuries or structural issues,  corporations with wellness programs for their employees and individuals looking for pain relief,  stress management and better health. Explore below what our clients are saying and the results they are getting through our effective therapies.


“Thanks for the Massage after my Ogden Half Marathon! It helped so much – my recovery time was cut in half at least” – C. Miles

“I was introduced to Structura Body Therapies by a family member.  I have suffered from chronic pain for the past 9 years and the source of the pain was finally diagnosed.  I started seeing Jason and Nancy to see how their therapies could help me before; between and after the two hip surgeries I would need to correct the source of my pain.  I cannot express enough how pleased I am with the results of the therapy thus far!!  I recently had the first surgery and the therapies from Structura Body Therapies have cut my healing time by 4 weeks!!  I am looking very forward to completing my next surgery and then starting the Structural Integration program with Jason and Nancy.” – J. Sanchez  

“Working with Structura Body Therapies has been a life-changing experience. The are not only extremely skilled in their practice, but are very educational. I noticed a big difference after the first visit.” – Jon, Ogden UT


Structura Body Therapies, Before and After Man

After 5 sessions of structural integration this client has experienced improvement in the position of his spine.  Note that his legs are more under him which is important to give stability and support to the upper body.


Note the amount of decompression that took place in the torso.  Although there is still a rotation pattern present we can see the significant improvement and lift through the front of the body.


Structura Body Therapies, Massage, range of motionStructura Body Therapies, Massage

Notice the increased range of motion in this client’s left arm after brief shoulder work.  The arm can reach much higher and is closer to the head showing increased range of motion in a quick session!

“I am a 62 year old female. For several years, I have become less flexible and stiff. I was introduced to Structura Body Therapies and finished 10 weekly sessions, they are very professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Structura Body Therapies’ Structural Integration massage.” – Jeannie, Clearfield UT

“I felt so good after each of the 10 sessions, parts of my body that bothered me before the session felt so much better after being worked on. My knees that hurt before didn’t’ bother me after being worked on. “ – Lisa, Layton UT

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